Online Security Training
secThe WWWIYOGI Technical Team have the most up to date and relevant qualifications in the industry. The team are experts in penetration testing regularly publishing up to date research and articles on all areas of IT Security. The technical director with twenty-five years of computing experience and as the architect of WWWIYOGI has established an excellent reputation within the industry and oversees every consultancy case personally. When hiring a WWWIYOGI consultant, their time and expertise are yours to be used as is most beneficial to your organisations security needs.

For companies where it is more beneficial for a consultant to spend their time training in house staff, it is delivered in the most innovative way to ensure everyone understands even the most detailed up to date security practices. The consultants are handpicked in order for their expertise to match the client’s security needs. Our consultants provide support and guidance on security priorities and how best to address them in training platforms.

Our consultants will give a presentation at a meeting room or similar. The number of attendees is up to the customer. However, we recommend small groups so that the experience can be more interactive and personal, thus increasing the knowledge gained from the training.

Training can cover a wide variety of topics such as

  • Cutting-edge hacking attacks
  • Secure coding techniques
  • Security awareness
  • Current trends in electronic fraud and illegal hacking attacks.

Technical training is typically aimed at software developers and system administrators, whereas non-technical training is focused on managers and non-IT staff.